Street Fighter V Teaser Trailer HD

Street Fighter 5

The new teaser trailer has just been released for Street Fighter V. The release date is currently unknown but what we can tell you is this game is said to be a PlayStation 4 console exclusive!

This is big news for PlayStation owners as they get more bragging right against the competitor Xbox One. Xbox One earlier in the year made their bomb shell announcement when they acquired the exclusive rights for the  sequel to Tomb Raider. It looks to me that we now and into the future of gaming, we will have a constant bidding war for third party exclusives.

Honesty this news about the upcoming release of Street Fighter V itself is very exciting. What will the new game dynamics be? How about the story? Who will be the new and existing characters? Will they release a follow up Anime movie for SFV as well? Capcom soon will grace us with all the news, until then we will wait and see.

Street Fighter V - Rise Up

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