Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Episode 19 (Gogeta vs Hearts)

In this final epic battle, Gogeta shows just how powerful he is by soloing hearts throughout episode 18 into 19 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. It all comes down to the end sequence where hearts does his best to test the might of Gogeta by summoning giant meteor. It will take the efforts of Gogeta along side of Jiren and Hit to defeat hearts for good.

Animation quality in this episode is top notch. Fitting because this is the final episode of the mini Super Dragon Ball Heroes series. This brief intermission in the overall continuum in the anime allows the Manga to get further and develop more for the story. The new villain that our Z fighters will face will be none other than Moro. Toriyama’s infatuation for being from the occult are telling as he retells them as characters in his anime. Even so, fans of the series should expect another great series coming in the near future.

Gogeta vs Hearts

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