Super Vegito Blue vs Fused Supreme God Zamasu

Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 came and went just as fast as Vegito’s re-appearance in the series. The highlight of this episode is the fight between Vegito and Zamasu. Though it was short-lived, it gave every Dragon Ball fan something to think about whether the opinion was good or bad. What stood out the most in this episode was the beautiful animation. The creative team definitely shined and took no stops in acquiring excellent animators who can deliver dynamic fight sequences.

Something else that was disappointing in this episode is finding out that fusion with the Potara earrings only lasts for 1 hour for mortals, which in my opinion was used as a horrible plot device. If Vegeta and Goku master the art of working together, maybe they can extend the hour time-limit and that’s only if and when Toriyama decides to bring Vegito back again.

Super Vegito Blue by Moxie2D

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