Superman vs The Incredible Hulk – Epic 3D Animated Showdown!

Animator Mike Habjan has created a fight scene between 2 of the most powerful-est beings in 2 of the most respectable Universes… DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

What makes this fight scene great is that Superman is literally unbeatable and when he has his heart into saving the world from pending doom his strength magnifies. Also since in this scene Superman is in the desert, he has the power of the sun on his side.

This may sound all good and dandy for our friend Superman but his opponent is no slouch either. The Incredible Hulk strength and power comes from pure rage! The hulk’s ultimate ability comes from getting angrier and pissed off. Every single second that passes, the hulks power level increases making him literally unstoppable.

Who will when this battle? We shall see when Mike finishes up the series… Here are the 1st 2 short films below:

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