TGS 2014: Final Fantasy XV Gameplay HD Trailer

Final Fantasy

Finally! Coming to a gaming console near you in 2015 is Final Fantasy XV. The game that was originally suppose to release on PS3 titled Final Fantasy 13 Versus has been upgraded for the next generation consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). This game is a guaranteed system seller and with over 7 years in the making like the original Final Fantasy VII for PlayStation One console, this game will definitely be special and something that everyone should pick up for themselves and for family and friends.

The trailer looks absolutely stunning! It displays in-game footage and action sequences that will blow your mind. Even though square-enix completely abandoned the turn-base fighting system, this free roaming style game play like Kingdom Hearts looks great. Now imagine if Capcom got their act together and released a Monster Hunter game for Next-Gen consoles like this, they would have a Monster Hit! I hope they are listening.

Enjoy the trailer and cheers to more gaming!


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