The Animatrix: The 2nd Renaissance – Part 1

Step into a glimpse of the future when humanity creates robots that are used for our own selfish desires. Loosely based off of the movie The Matrix (1999), the 2nd Renaissance (part 1) shows how society looks and functions along side of robots. In the Matrix’s reality, robots are self-aware and continue to grow in intellect.

Like human slaves that proceeded them, robots have become the new slaves. They cook, clean, take care of our children, mow the lawn, and do remedial work that humans no longer see themselves doing. Some robots have also taken the appearance of humans to solicit prostitution and human companionship.

Things go completely wrong when 1 robot decides to act in self-defense against and human which decided to “threaten” it’s life. When the first robot goes on trial for murder, this is where the story of the 2nd Renaissance officially begins. Is this the future that potentially awaits us? Only time will tell as AI becomes more advanced.

Watch Part 2 of The 2nd Renaissance.

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