The Boondocks: Creator Aaron McGruder’s Departure From The Show

Cartoon Networks

Cartoon Networks

The fourth and final season of The Boondocks will be airing this April (2014). The only thing missing to the show will be Aaron McGruder, creator of the hit series. What does his absents mean to the quality of the show? We will have to wait and see. For those who don’t know, The Boondocks is a show that talks directly about the fouls in life such as how humans interacts negatively toward each other, themselves and the growing trends people accept that  is anti-productive to life. The Boondocks challenges all issues regarding race, politics, religion, etc. Consider this show the hardcore version of Family Guy. Family Guy plays on similar issues on a more humorous tone which is why the show is more commercially popular.

I am looking forward to season 4, lets hope the creators influence remains intact.

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