The Incredible Hulk vs Wolverine – Clash of the Invincibles

Never mind the fact that bone claw Wolverine would have no chance in hell to even come close to matching up against the Hulk, Wolverine equipped with Adamantium (in-destructible metal) including his super fast acting healing-factor allowed this to be one incredible battle. Wolverine has many fans, even more so than the Hulk, but when it comes down to it, when its all said and done and the smoke clears…  Hulk is still the most dominate force in the entire marvel universe.

Coming off of that note, who wins this battle? See for yourself in this Full Featured length film, Hulk vs Wolverine 2009.


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  • Your so right, if Wolverine didnt have his metal bone structure, he would had be annihilated a looong time ago. This was very entertaining tho.

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