The Jetsons – Family of the Future

Created by both Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera (Hanna Barbera) in 1962, the cartoon of the future was born. In this short documentary, we get to briefly dive into the minds of the creators and see how The Jetsons were created.

You will also notice how a lot of inventions that premiered in this cartoon is now present in our every day lives. Even though not everything has came into fruition, it still looks like that we are trending towards a similar future.

Technology of today already used in The Jetsons:

  1. Smart Watches
  2. Tread mills for Dogs
  3. Flat Screen TV’s
  4. Teleconferencing
  5. Face-time
  6. Jet-packs
  7. Flying Pods
  8. Robotic Automation
  9. 3D Printed Food (infant stage)

Technology we are perfecting and moving towards:

  1. Robots (Maids, Assistants, etc.)
  2. Flying Cars
  3. 3D Printed Food (fully printed food: Steak, Potatoes, and Vegetables on one plate)

The Jetsons

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