The Love Affair Between Dragon Ball Z and Anime Rages On!

First let me clearly state that Dragon Ball Z is one of the oldest Anime series out and is still going strong! For a Anime that was created in the 80’s, Artist and Creator Akira Toriyama proved to the world that he is one of the best anime original anime artist to exist. Such brilliant art and creativity has not gone unrewarded because DBZ has influenced just about every Anime or Cartoon that is out today.

Dragon Ball Z can be said that it is the Most Popular Anime of all time. It has proven to the world and its fans that it is. Fans all across the globe are hooked and addicted to DBZ’s mass appeal and continue to want more even though the series has long gone and ended. With over 20+ new video games this generation and the revitalization of the series with Dragon Ball Kai, there must be some underlying codes the creators of the magnificent series is possibly hinting at.

A new series or a “Remake” is possibly on the way. If so, fans will continue to line up in droves to see the latest collection in the series. Below is one of the latest videos of Dragon Ball Z right after the Buu Saga. Enjoy!

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