The Most Deadly Bending Technique In The World – Blood Bending

As dark and scary it may sound, Blood Bending when introduced to the show ‘Avatar The Last Airbender’ was considered amazing to the masses. No one watching the show would think they can push the water elemental ability that far. As we continued to watch the show we were also getting a lesson on the element of water. Water is in everything… in plants, the air we inhale and exhale, in our sweat and also in our blood. The majority of everything that is in liquid form has water, because of that, the weight around the element can be lifted and manipulated.

Introducing Hama, the 1st and original master of the blood bending technique. She is originally a water bender, her tribe was attacked and wiped out by the Fire Nation. Most of people were captured while the rest were killed in the process. She was the last of her tribe until she finally got imprisoned. Hama spent lonely nites in a cell where she was forced to remain in solitude. The only thing on her mind while locked up in prison was to enact revenge on the people who took her ‘life’ away.

Avatar: Blood Bending Katara

While in solitude, Hama started putting things together. As a water bender, she was surrounded by no water but that’s when it hit her. She realized that water is in everything, especially in people. With every passing full moon she became stronger and started practicing her ‘new water technique’ on rats that would run pass her cage… then she tried it on people, specifically the guards who held her captured. After breaking free of her imprisonment, she was involved in the ‘disappearing’ of many people. She later turned old but ended up very bitter, because of what happened to her tribe and the abuse she received in prison, she was mentally worn out and was permanently traumatized from her past.

In what it appeared to be a changed Hama while teaching Katara this new ‘technique’, once revealed who was responsible for the disappearance of the missing people, Katara was forced to defend herself and friends by fighting Hama in a water bending duel. Hama’s underlying purpose was not just to defeat Katara and her friends, her main purpose was to pass on this new Blood Bending technique to another water bender. Katara became the 2nd Blood Bender in history when she was forced to stop Hama from harming her friends by Bending Hama’s blood and controlling her like a puppet.

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