Top 5 Drawings of Thanos from Marvel Comics

Thanos Artwork
Thanos by Professor Adagio

One of the top-tier villains of all-time would have to be non-other than Thanos. His thirst for power rises above all else and his genius in doing so is Dr. Dooms wet dream. Thanos is a villain that strikes fear in the hearts of millions in the Marvel Universe, and is crowned as a rightful boss. To bad Lady Death doesn’t think so.

Here are our top 5 bad-ass artwork designs of the mad titan Thanos. You can catch Thanos in the upcoming Avengers Infinity War movies in the near future.

Thanos Artwork
Thanos and Apocalypse by Iantoy

Interesting concept that had Apocalypse (X-Men villain) drawn split-screen with mad titan Thanos. Also makes you wonder what if they fused together to become one entity. What powerful beast that would be.


Thanos Concept Artwork
Thanos by Andy Park

Amazing concept art from the Avengers movies. The artworks use of lighting, dark tones, and a few selection of colors makes this one great Thanos photo.


Thanos Artwork
Thanos & Death by Pink Havok

No other drawing displays Thanos love for Lady Death like this photo right here. He is so obsessed with her that she literally is on his mind at all times. What better way to show your affection by wiping out the entire universe.


Thanos Artwork
Thanos by Professor Adagio

A battle worn Thanos is interesting to look at. We always see Thanos in his best condition, but what about a Thanos who just went to war with the Hulk and Silver Surfer at the same time. The battle damage to the wardrobe look great and dark rich colors make the photo pop.Thanos Artwork

Thanos by Felipe Massafera

Here is Thanos in all of his glory, sporting the infinity gauntlet with all six power stones (gems) which include Power, Space, Reality, Time, Soul, and Mind. The color temperature is very cool and fits perfectly for a Thanos portrait picture by his throne.

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