When 3D Animation Goes Wild: Fusion of Anime and Video Games

You know times are changing when Video Games or 3D Animations are far more better and more entertaining then big budget block buster movies. The main point people have to realize is that their are always individuals out there (including yourself) who find it within themselves to do something they love the most, and that passion trendscends into his or hers work. In this case, a very talented person named Monty Oum has come up with a concept that takes animated action cinemas to another level.

Paying a Non-Intentional tribute to cross-over series such as Marvel vs Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken, Monty Oum takes 2 very popular series (Dead or Alive and Final Fantasy) and merges the great characters from each series together to create a very compelling story. Action sequences with over the top fighting you can only dream of are now reality.

Introducing… Dead Fantasy

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