Why Captain Planet Was Such A Great Cartoon!

Captain Planet was a show that came on in the 90’s in the US and it captivated millions. While I was growing up, I didn’t really listen to the message about keeping the environment clean, all I wanted to see was action and those rings put to use showing off elemental abilities such as Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. That concept alone is pretty cool, you would see such elemental use in other cartoons and anime of today. Just to name a few; Naruto and Avatar The Last Air Bender.

Captain Planet’s environmental awareness did hit me subconsciously though (I guess that’s the point of the show) so they were successful in the end. What made the show amazing was when the power of the 5 rings unite, they form a Super Hero who is the protector of the earth and is powered by the Sun and mother nature of the earth (Gaia). A very funny weakness that Captain Planet had was being effected by dirt, mud or sludge… Pretty much anything dirty would bring Captain Planet crashing down. A point overlooked by many fans as myself, but hey it made sense.

Here are the Five Planeteers:

  • Kwame:
    His ring possesses the Power and Manipulation of EARTH
  • Wheeler:
    His ring possesses the Power and Manipulation of FIRE, allowing him to create Fire at will!
  • Linka:
    The ability of her ring allows her to create and manipulate WIND.
  • Gi:
    Her ring gives her the ability to Manipulate WATER.
  • Ma-Ti:
    Given the most overlooked ability of the show, with his ring, he possesses the power of HEART.

Captain Planets Abilities:

  • Can Manipulate all Weather and Climate
  • Ability to create and control the 4 elements; earth, fire, wind and water
  • Invincible to anything except Dirt
  • Telepathy
  • Flight
  • Super Speed
  • Super Strength

Cleaning and Protecting the Planet couldn’t be more fun than Captain Planet. Great elemental action and a great message. Make sure to re-new, re-use and recycle!


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